Let’s go over some history first…

Blogs started as online journals, a web log (blog). It started as a way to share thoughts and ideas or get some expertise. However recently, more people have realised how to make money online using these blogs.

Well, how do you set one up?

There are tons of places where you can start a blog like WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Squidoo.com, HubPages.com. These places will allow you to set up your blog for absolutely free.

The actual steps may vary somewhat from one place to another, but here is an overview of the basic steps it will take:

1. First, you will sign up. You’ll be asked what you want your blog to be called. I’d say either do your name or what you’ll be writing about. For example: Eva’s baking blog.

2. Once you’ve signed up you can pick out the theme you want to use. A theme is just the template for your blog. They can come in all types of shape and styles, tons of great ones out there are free!

3. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the theme and how it works. This step is super easy, just click around, look at the layout and find out what can be changed.

4. Start making posts to your blog. Every time you write an article, it will come up as a “post”. Most websites will allow you to easily add photos, videos etc. They will also have helpful features like spell-check.

Once you’ve got your post looking just the way you want it, you can click on the ‘publish’ tab and your post will be uploaded to your blog.

These are the basic steps you will need to take when starting a blog. The important thing for you to remember is that if you are starting a blog as a business you will want to change out some of these steps:

1. The first thing you will want to do is to figure out what subject your blog is going to be about. This isn’t a difficult step but it is a crucial one. When it comes to making money online with a blog, half the battle is picking the right niche market. Find a market which loads of people are passionate about and who spend money on it.

2. When you find a good niche market you can take a keyword related to that market and buy a domain name with that keyword in it. With a business blog, you don’t want to use the free sites, you will want to buy a domain name and get a hosting account. I know this can sound overwhelming if you are new, but just take it one step at a time, it’s not that hard or that expensive. A hosting account and domain name will cost you around $30 year.

3. At this point, the process is the same as the above method. You just pick out a theme that reflects the topic of your website and start making posts.

I hope this overview has helped answer the question: what is blogging? Trust me, just get started and you’ll see how easy and fun it can be. Please tell me what you think about blogging in the comments below! Dream big.

Rachel Champion
Rachel Champion

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