You know them, you hate them. Let’s talk about them.

If you have ever been on the internet you’ll know about internet marketing. Basically its marketing products (usually courses, programs etc) over the… well internet. These “marketers” are the people that promise “everything you need” to build a booming business but they are so wrong. 

You can’t expect to do only one simple click to build a business for it to work. You need to put the effort in for it to work. These marketers are essentially robbing people of their hard-earned money just to fuel their bank accounts, taking away their hopes and dreams. Those people then believe that it is their fault. They have absolutely abysmal support which basically say that it’s not their problem that it didn’t work but pwease don’t leave a bad review >w<. Aside from making a TON of money of this and their HORRENDOUS “support”, they are directly getting rid of any potential competition from rising, stopping us newer generations from joining in. Shocking, I know. However, we’re not as stupid as they think.

I’d even compare this to scams because what they are doing is a flat-out lie.

Well, how do you spot them?

A suspiciously low price for “everything you need”. This may sound super obvious but it’s true. No sane person would ever want to directly add to an already competition-heavy field without a cost. To put it simply:

If something suspiciously cheap or free, you’re the product.


30 day money-back “guarantee”. This doesn’t apply to everything or everyone but usually it’s a huge tell-tale sign that it is a scam. Why would you have this? If your product TRULY WORKED then there would be no need for a 30 day money-back guarantee.


A humongous amount of “value” compared to the actual price. Coming back to the too good to be true, no-one would do this. Let’s be fair most marketers do this but when things seem to have an extraordinarily high value for the price, its a scam or extremely overinflated. For example this is something close to what I’ve genuinely seen:

“Value” – £1000

Retail price – £50

Doesn’t that seem way too good to be true? That’s cause it is. Comment down below to tell me how YOU feel about these marketers. Remember everyone! Chase your dream but not off a cliff. Dream big.

Rachel Champion
Rachel Champion

Just a little girl with a big dream.

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