I’m Rachel Champion (otherwise known as Makyii) – a young, aspiring businesswoman creating my own story.

I may be young and small, but I certainly do have massive dreams.


My dreams

I’ve always wanted a better life for me and my family. We are not wealthy by any means. Many nights I’ve dreamt of a classic rags to riches story, where with my own hard work, I too would become successful. I’m sure many of you reading will feel the same.


My story

In 2017, I dived into the world of video editing. During this time, I wrote the storyline and green screen video for a Marketing Summit Competition  in Orlando. I came in second place and got a $200 prize.

A director of  a Seattle digital company VideoRemix saw this video and   asked me to beta test his new software and make a video promoting it. When they saw my work (bearing in mind I wasn’t great at video editing at the time), they decided to change their launch and use me for the promo as I was very marketable. If a young girl can do it what’s stopping you? 

The Calgary Health movement approached me, and asked if I could use that product to make a viral video for facebook. I, of course, got paid for that too.

When my school heard about it they asked me to make a promo video for new parents. I wrote the script, green screen and edited it. It was a huge success!


A change of heart

I had a nagging feeling that this wasn’t it. I knew it wasn’t like the dreams I had and frankly, I do have camera fright. This was when I discovered the world of Online marketing.

I tried a few products, which DID NOT work at all. They all said that this was all done for you, however gave no help on how to use the actual products without buying the up-sell which I can NOT afford. The “support” was useless and I kept on getting “we don’t know what you mean by this sorry! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ”. You know what I’m talking about. Honestly, I was losing all hope. I had enough.


The turnaround 

There was one more product I have yet to try. partnership to success by John Thornhill. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was different. Instead of giving a “everything done for you” package, it actually took you through on the process of creating a successful launch. Here I was able to learn, rather than fumble around in a useless ui where half the features were locked behind a paywall. 

Instead of becoming an affiliate marketer which you have to rely on other people’s products, YOU make the product for THEM to promote it. 

I’m currently working through the 60 day course where you can find weekly updates here. I will share with you the TRUTH and PROVE to you that this works.

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