First, what is the point of a blog you may ask? Well, it’s a fantastic way for anyone to get their point across the internet and a great way to do some free advertising. Creating a blog is an AMAZING way to drive more traffic to your product and/or website.

However, most people write their blogs incorrectly.

When building your business, there are simple, yet criminally under-used tips which everyone should try and keep in mind when writing their blog.

Headline. Make sure your headline is easy to understand and unique.

Add Personality. No one wants to read a lifeless blog post. Put a bit of your personality in as if you were talking to a friend. It will make you seem way more human and friendly.

Write. Keep your reader in mind while writing your blog. Whenever someone if reading your post, they would want information in a way that is easy to understand AND read.

Write Clear. Write clearly so ANYONE can understand. Don’t even think of using a thesaurus to make you seem more “smart”. Everyone wants something that they can easily scan through without getting confused.

Proofread. Do I even have to say why this is so important? Typos, grammar issues etc. can make a post suffer. Once you hit that Publish button there is no going back.

Short and Simple. Everyone has a busy life, so don’t fluff up a point to make the post seem longer. Keep it short and sweet, your readers will love it.

Valuable and Worthwhile. Make sure your post has useful information. Think to yourself, “What could I do with this information?” before writing a post to MAKE SURE that it’s helpful.

Take Advantage of Keywords. Use whatever keywords you can as much as possible. The search engines will love it, ranking your post higher on certain topics.


If you follow these simple steps, you will have a great written blog in no time. Comment down below and tell me which hack is your favourite! Dream big.

Rachel Champion
Rachel Champion

Just a little girl with a big dream.

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