Welcome to the launch of my own brand new website and first blog post! I’m Rachel Champion and I’m just a little girl with a big dream. Over the coming days, you will see this blog completely transform into my own online journey and portfolio.

Why I started my blog

I always wanted to have a proper blog site where I could document everything I’ve done. I may not be the best writer but I hope that I could help someone who was like me and wanted to start my own business WITHOUT trial and error.

What you’ll be seeing in my posts

I’ll be mostly documenting on my own journey into creating an online business AND proving that anyone – at any age, race or gender – can become successful. I’ll also post about marketing hacks, rants, about me and more! I also have a secret project I’m working on which will come out over the next few weeks.


Share this post and stick around to see my journey as I build my online business by following John Thornhill’s partnership to success course which WILL help you. Dream big


Rachel Champion
Rachel Champion

Just a little girl with a big dream.

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